hi, Mike rosenblatt here, product designer with >two decades of expertise AND exceptional visual skills. and yet unknw to you.

I have been working as a designer for 20 years. I built a top 3 design studio in Russia (100+ employees) and moved to UK, where continue developing my main expertise — product design.

Thru my career, I have participated in the design of one of the first online stores for household appliances, the first online store for delivering farm products, websites for major industrial companies, one of the first mobile apps — drink advisor, one of the first online schools for a sberbank, a redesign of a website for one of the largest banks (> 5000 pages), one of the first delivery services for ready-to-eat food, and worked with numerous well-known brands — Ford, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Teva, Nike, Samsung, LG, Lenovo, Danone, and so on.

I also participated in the Festival ‘Circle of Light’ with 3D mapping, drew illustrations for the subway train, trained over 500 designers in 2 years, organized product online championships. Some of my videos on YouTube have gained over 50,000 views, and some more.

I design user experience from scratch, lead a team of designers and Webflow developers, educate designers, and create visuals in Cinema4D+Redshift or Blender.

I have a lot of expertise B2B, Edtech, Fintech, Automotive, and Crypto+NFT.

and hell of

a lot more In

past 20 years